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Finally Revealed: The Top Secret Goings-On Inside a Major London Law Practice

While Aubrey Rose and his partners were representing Prime Ministers, Governments and major corporations in their busy legal practice, certain clients were greeted by Aubrey alone, with the office door firmly locked behind him.

Beyond The Rainbow by Aubrey Rose

Not because these people had important affairs of state to discuss. You see, they did not have legal problems. These clients had health problems.

Unbeknown to his colleagues, Aubrey was healing backs, shoulders, wrists and more as described in his latest book, Beyond The Rainbow, The Spiritual Autobiography of Aubrey Rose CBE.

He not only provided healing for others, he experienced dramatic healing for himself at the hands of a psychic surgeon in Essex.

Other health practitioners were unable to take away the pain that resulted from an injury, yet within ten minutes the "surgeon" had removed a piece of bone from his back. No anaesthetic. No blood. This gave Aubrey total and permanent relief.

Spiritual healing, he writes "is real, it works, it has been tested and verified."

But it is his visits to mediums, especially the decade long association with direct voice medium Leslie Flint, in which he came to recognise the reality of the afterlife. Sitting with others in a small group, family members who had departed this life spoke directly to him.

Aubrey himself had experiences where he acted as a medium. Someone spoke through him in the second half of a talk. What he said totally contradicted his first half message, much to the shock and bewilderment of the audience.

In another extraordinary episode, he awoke in the middle of the night feeling compelled by an inner voice to get up and write. Unaware of what was flowing from his pen, only the following morning did he read the words he had written. They were the very sad questions, and responses from spirit, of a young child recently deceased in the Dunblane tragedy.

For many, the idea of contact from those who have passed on is hard to accept. And yet some notable intellectuals, writers, inventors and scientists of the 19th and 20th centuries were convinced this phenomenum was real. We are introduced to a number of them.

He also offers us some of his short fictional writings including his futuristic fantasy, The Mission; poetry written by his son David who tragically died from cancer, aged 21; his thoughts on the origins of cancer; an account of his religious life written when he was 17, and much else in an eclectic mix that typifies the author.

The reader is not asked to accept spiritual beliefs without question. He does not tell you what to believe. However as a lawyer he dealt in facts and evidence. He believes it is all available if we care to look for it.

While orthodox religions fulfil important human needs, they can be dogmatic and ritualistic and have failed to prevent wars. If humanity is to escape the current moral and material morass it is caught up in, then we need to seriously consider both worlds.

Communication between our world and the next may not be easy to embrace. It is certainly a challenging concept, but Aubrey believes an acceptance of this truth could have profound implications for humanity.

"Widespread acceptance of this relationship will open the minds and hearts of men and women to their true characters and natures, the true purpose of their existence and will bring about the revolution in human thought and behaviour that can save mankind from self-abasement and self-destruction."

"It is a courageous and honest book that will appeal to any open-minded seeker of truth from any religious or non-religious background"
Victor Zammit, lawyer and author

"The pages of his new book are like a Who's Who of Spiritualism in the 1970s and 80s...Aubrey Rose, in his own modest way has opened minds to spiritual realities."
Psychic News, March, 2016

Beyond The Rainbow by Aubrey Rose 2016 published by Lennard Books. Available at Amazon