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David Colman Rose was born in London on 30th January, 1957. He attended City of London School and studied law at the University of Leeds and Queens Mary's College, London. He travelled extensively, was a keen sportsman and musician until the onset of cancer, revealed in a biopsy on 30th January, 1977. He died in London on 5th July, 1978.

Journey Into Immortality by Aubrey Rose

This book is a father's story of his family's battle against the seemingly inevitable, the search for a cure and an extra year of life won against all the odds.

Journey Into Immortality is not only a moving tribute to a brilliant and courageous young man, but also a book which offers comfort to all those coping with terminal illness or family bereavement.

The book concludes with Aubrey Rose's experience of the spiritual world and his frequent contact with David after his death.

His thoughtful analysis of matters outside our understanding will provoke further debate on what lies beyond our earthly life.

"The world has still so much to learn. It still has to grow up and put away childish things that pervert, corrupt, and eventually destroy life, human life, and also our living planet and its inhabitants.

"My hope is that this book may encourage others to look at themselves and the world around them to seek out their own truths as, through the influence of my son, I have tried to do.
Aubrey Rose

I don't think I have ever read a book with such an incredible sense of immediacy. You have written with great inspiration. When I finished the book I felt very sorry indeed never to have known David.
Sir Martin Gilbert CBE, official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill

If this is the quality of which human being may be made, then humanity is indeed worth saving. Read on and you will derive strength and belief from this book.
Martyn Goff OBE, former chairman, Book Trust and administrator of the Booker Prize

I read through your amazing book at almost one gulp. A lovely tribute to your son. I wish I had known him.
Barbara Griggs, author and journalist

I read it from beginning to end in one session simply because I could not put it down. Beautifully written, with great tenderness and love.
Anne Ranasinghe, author and poet

The work is unique for so many reasons. To say that it is deeply moving is an understatement. There emerged a beauty that seemed to transcend grief.
Erich Segal, author of Love Story. Celebrated novelist and academic

You have put it together beautifully. There is something noble and sublime in this story. Your book is like a lamp shining as a beacon. Uplifting, a beautiful book.
Dr L M Singhvi, Indian High Commissioner

To write such a book is a moving and splendid thing to have done.
Rt. Hon. Lord Carr of Hadley, former British Home Secretary

Journey into Immortality: The Story of David Rose by Aubrey Rose - Lennard Publishing 1997 Available at Amazon